INA TV offers reliable, affordable, high-quality streaming for all of your video content. Broadcast your event live to thousands of viewers worldwide. Our streaming services enable us to offer an integrated overall solution, including live DVR, live analytics, ad insertion and ultra-fast video playback.

  • 24/7 media broadcasts
  • TV and radio
  • Sports
  • Social Events
  • Events and conferences
  • Online events with thousands of simultaneous viewers

Youtube Live

YouTube Live assists users to broadcast their content on a real-time basis via the YouTube channel. This platform is designed with impressive analytics and it offers incredible services like chats, tools as well as an interactive platform for communication.

Facebook Live

This platform allows users to share content on Facebook as per the taste of friends and followers. People love to live stream on this platform from their profiles, pages as well as from public figures. The best part is that you will be able to interact with potential viewers on a real-time basis.

Instagram Live

Instagram couldn’t be among the top social networks if it didn’t have a live video service. Located within Stories, Instagram Live is the social network’s answer to the live video craze with a twist. So after you’ve made a live stream on Instagram, you can publish the video to your stories, where it will stay for 24 hours before being deleted.

Periscope/Twitter Live

Here is your personal live streaming application that is perfectly integrated into Twitter. Periscope is loved by users for its intuitive interface and collection of all impressive stuff for viewing.


It is a popular live streaming platform as well as an on-demand video platform that assists users to watch anything they like directly from their console and PC. It provides access to all-powerful platforms for the fastest live streaming.