INA TV offers crewing services according to your requirements, from minimum guarantee crews to a full crew operation, to cover your production needs. With our professional SD and HD broadcast equipment, we are at your service when it comes to your production.

If you are looking for a competent and professional ENG (Electronic News Gathering) or EFP (Electronic Field Production) crew, we got you covered. We are able to offer our clients a full crewing service, with our experienced cameramen, sound engineers and assistants.
Contact us 24/7 and book your crew now.

With the latest drone technology equipment, we provide our clients with aerial video services which are simply impossible to capture with outdated full sized aircrafts. With hundreds of hours in flight, our unique cinematic approach is solidly rooted in a decade of professional experience and we offer the most stable, consistent, rapid and affordable services capturing HD video from the air. Our services include pre-production planning, in order to transform your idea to the best possible visual outcome. All our gear fits in flight cases enabling us to film anywhere around the globe. Sky is our limit.
DJI Matrice 600 Pro
DJI Inspire 2
DJI Inspire 1 Pro RAW
DJI Pnatom 4
Aerial LED Systems

With the latest equipment and experienced Jimmy Jib Operators we can offer you everything that is required to set up and prepare the Jimmy Jib Crane for your production.
MovieBird 45 45 feet / 13,7m
MovieBird 30′ Techno Crane 30 feet / 9.14 meters
Triangle Pro Series
Magic Head 2-axis Compact Head
Mini Scorpio Head HD
Furio Live Remote Camera Systems for Live events

TV Shows
News Shows
Talk Shows
Game Shows
TV Series
Green Box
Virtual Studios

We offer full editing services using the latest editing hardware and software suits. You’ve got the raw footage, our video editing service professionals are ready to create and transform it.
Fully equipped Editing suites
Avid Media Composer
Final Cut Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro
Color Grading

The significance of corporate video production can’t be undervalued. Businesses nowadays need to make engaging brand videos to stay competitive. Video has moved from a desirable extra to an essential part of the marketing mix.
We can help you produce a promotional video, cover a launch event or a major corporate announcement.

INA TV can provide you services to produce your documentary and tell your story on screen. Do you have a greater story you’re trying to communicate? Is there a history to your present day state? Is there a vision of the future you’re trying to work towards? Or perhaps are we living through a moment in time that needs to be captured as it’s happening?

Greece is a country surrounded by sea, with hundreds of islands, with beaches, rocky coves and hidden bays with crystal clear waters. With our highly experienced underwater camera operators, we have offered our services to a series of TV productions and documentaries capturing the underwater treasures of the Greek seas.

We can offer our clients with Steadicam services for TV, films and commercial filming. With our years of experience in TV Broadcasting & Production and our latest high quality equipment we make sure that the outcome is what our clients desire. Using our skilled Steadicam operators will bring in lots of new possibilities for your film or documentary.